Background Screening

PoolPro has partnered with General Information Services, Inc., to provide access to background screening services for its insureds and prospective clients.

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LEGAL DISCLAIMER: Access to is provided to PoolPro’s clients as a convenience to assist them in accessing background information for both current employees and candidates for employment. Background checks are just one suggested method of performing background screening requirements on employees. Further due diligence on your part, in addition to the background check, may be warranted.

PoolPro will not receive a copy of the background check, nor will PoolPro, at any time, have access to any confidential information of any individual on whom a background check is performed. The results of all background checks shall be delivered directly to the requester. It is further understood that PoolPro will not be performing any background checks itself.

You agree that PoolPro shall have no responsibility or liability for the accuracy or completeness of any background check, nor will PoolPro be liable, in any manner, for any background check performed. Importantly, please be aware that the completion of a background check does not, in and of itself, assure or confirm the insurability of any risk, nor is it a guaranty that PoolPro will offer any coverage or terms of insurance to you. It is also understood that PoolPro is not making any suggestions or determinations regarding employment practices or decisions for your business based on the results of any background check. Instead, you should seek advice from your attorney.

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