Risk Management

Aquatic facilities are potentially hazardous environments, meaning there is always the possibility of injury. However, by applying basic risk-management principles, you can help mitigate or eliminate these risks.

PoolPro offers the WALK! Pool Safety Program, risk management and loss prevention program designed specifically for pool exposures to prevent injuries to patrons and employees;  protect facility assets, including revenue, against loss; and minimize legal liability:

  • Educating lifeguards of age specific risk factors;
  • Proper alignment and ratio of guards to patrons;
  • Best practices for events including swim meets or sponsored events;
  • Raising awareness of all relevant safety issues among staff;
  • Publishing a response protocol for staff to adhere to;
  • And many other loss prevention recommendations

We provide access to online Risk management tools to help you keep your aquatic facility safe:

1. The WALK! Pool Safety Program Resource Library contains online articles, white papers and safety tips for keeping your swimming pool safe.

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2. The WALK! Pool Safety eNewsletter is a quarterly publication of the WALK! Pool Safety Program, providing real world pool risk scenarios, techniques to encourage safety, guard ratios and positioning, age risk factors, state & federal laws and requirements, and best practices for pool safety. Our goal is to provide you with relevant topics to assist you in your efforts to maintain a safe and healthy pool environment.

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3. Background Screening –PoolPro offers discounted background screening services for its insureds and prospective clients through General Information Services, Inc.

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