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Russell Program Managers (Russell) is a highly specialized liability insurance program management firm that provides the industry knowledge and underwriting expertise to insurance companies seeking to work in traditionally higher risk industries. Russell underwriters and program managers continually strive to improve the coverage, services, financial stability and communications available to licensed insurance agents who serve Russell’s respective industries. Learn More4

Our Specialties Include:

Community Swim Club Insurance

Russell’s PoolPro Swimming Pool Insurance program is specifically designed to protect a community pool or swim club from Property and Liability Risk Exposures. PoolPro protects the pool, the facility, the board, the pool manager, the staff, and patrons from the risks associated with a swim club, team or community pool. Since 1993, we have refined our insurance program to be comprehensive yet affordable for budget conscious clubs. Today, PoolPro is the most recommended swimming club insurance program among licensed insurance agents.

Pool Management Company Insurance

The PoolPro swimming pool liability insurance program has been expanded to serve the pool maintenance and management needs of pool management companies, including coverage associated with the lifeguards and staff. Please contact a PoolPro underwriter to discuss the benefits of PoolPro for Swimming Pool Management.

For Agents:

PoolPro values the relationship between the insured club and its insurance agent. It is why we have become the most recommended swimming pool insurance program in the U.S.

If you handle the insurance placement for swim clubs, please contact a PoolPro underwriter at (800) 289-4097 or

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Marketing Materials

Russell is pleased to provide agents with access to our CAST system. CAST is a free service that enables insurance agents to add their contact information to our sales literature. Registration is free and provides the added benefit of accessing insurance programs offered through several other market-leading program managers serving non-competing industries.

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